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Seven ways to mess up your financial life.  
Do you want to make money work for you? Have you taken a stock of direction your money has taken to work for you? Does it fund your financial goals? Regardless of whether you’re already doing well in managing your money or in need of a direction, I would like you to succeed in doing so —

Business Standard 24-Jan-2016
Direct Plans a better choice.  
An article with my views and my client's story on how he has benefited from direct plans based MF portfolio and by engaging a fee-only financial advisor.

ET Wealth 18-Jan-2016
What industry experts want from Budget 2016.  
This article has my quotations on expectations from Union Budget 2016;

Mint Money 18-Jan-2016
Invest for tax benefits, but with a plan.  
This article has my quotations on how tax planning can contribute to one's financial portfolio that in turn helps to achieve one's financial goals. 14-Jan-2016
Ten things you must assess before going for a loan.  
“Debt is the most successfully marketed product in the history of the United States” says Dave Ramsey, who is a personal money-management expert, famous financial author and a radio-host in the United States. Visa and Mastercard have existed as strong brand names for almost forty years now; 26-Oct-2015
Know the home buying schemes well, before opting for one  
The interest rates have been cut. The festive season has started. Considered auspicious to buy a property this time of the year, builders dole out freebies to enhance sales during the season. Incentives offered by builders can be free LED TV sets, washing machines, home theatres, power back-up, ... 9-Oct-2015
How you should be looking at volatility in the stock market  
Global news in last few months has shaken the Indian markets. News related to Chinese economy, potential rates changes in the US, political stability in Greece, crude oil price, refugee crisis in Europe, the interest rate scenario in India etc. have concerned the India markets. Investors have ...

Financial Planner's Guild, India 2-Oct-2015
Why Financial Planning is crucial for entrepreneurs?  
In my last 4 years of practice several entrepreneurs have signed me up for financial planning process. Some did the process with me before embarking on their journey of being own their own and some happened to do the process after quitting their cushy jobs and during their journey to ... 24-Aug-2015
Mistakes that entrepreneurs make by ignoring insurance  
This may be the best time to start business in India. However, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of ignoring insurance. Here is why they should take due care by purchasing right insurance products.

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