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Watch out before you invest in real estate

Undoubtedly real estate has shown a phenomenal appreciation in the last decade. Despite the 2008 global meltdown, the residential market of real estate has been resilient to the extent of surpassing its pre-2008 peaks in terms of valuations and yields. Real estate as an investment is hugely supported by our Income tax laws – income/loss from house property, capital gains exemptions on reinvestments and wealth tax exemptions are few to mention. Given the demand in residential, office and retail spaces, investors living in tier-1 cities have in some way or

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2014: Aiming for stability amidst volatility!

New Year Greetings!

2013 was full of volatility be it equity markets, rupee value against the US dollar, gold price, or real estate. The interest rates and inflation remained high. Economic reforms are long overdue. Political stability is the most important factor now that should form the base in 2014 for economic reforms. UPA rout in Delhi elections and subsequent euphoria in equity markets is indicative of how keen the people (and investors) are looking forward to the change in the leadership at the centre.

I am sure many of you are

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A Fee only and Fee based Financial Advisor

Sachin has worked hard all his life. He is a medical practitioner and earns a handsome amount of money every month. In spite of earning well he usually does not end up saving a lot of money and hardly invests it anywhere. This never bothered him a few years back but now that his commitments towards his family and life have increased, every now and then he wonders what he can do to save some money so he can do the things that he has been delaying for so long.


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Synchronize year-end investments with goals

It’s the time of the year when individuals rush to sign up policies or do investments which have no direct link to their financial goals but more to do with saving taxes. Insurance agents get on a calling spree to sell their products be it life insurance to get you exemption under section 80C or medical policies to get you exemptions under section 80D or any other. These calls can be pressurizing and persuasive given their tax advantages. For example the life insurance policies qualifying for section 80C deductions, you

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